Friday, 8 November 2013

Images of China

My first trip to China was packed into a busy 10 days in Shanghai and Beijing - meeting artists and arts professionals, and seeing many, many sights. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite images:



Shanghai Elephant

Old Palace, Shanghai

 Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Deer

Shanghai Scooter

Shanghai Grafitti

Tea with the Aussies


Bullfrog (Bufffet at the Hotel Intercontinental, Shanghai)

The New

The Old

Shanghai Grafitti (my fave)

Former French Concession Window Display, Shanghai

Woman in Shanghai Park

Former French Concession, Shanghai

Former French Concession, Shanghai

Mind Your Head: Art (M50 Arts Complex, Shanghai)

Forbidden City, Beijing

The Bund, Shanghai

Peace in Beijing

All of Our Friends

Go Be

Beijing Airport

Beijing Motorway

Forbidden City Street Sweeper

Back alley, Beijing

Love in the Paris in the Beijing

Millions of Gourmet, Shanghai

Eating at Millions of Gourmet

Beijing Street Kiosk

Artist at 798 Arts, Beijing

Departure Gate Loo

My Way Home

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